WARNING: This Product Contains Nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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  • VapeNut by Avatar Main
  • VapeNut by Avatar Package Contents

VapeNut by Avatar

  • VapeNut by Avatar Main
  • VapeNut by Avatar Package Contents
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VapeNut by Avatar

Ultimate vapor elimination! Do you wish you could walk into a cloud comp and clear the entire room of it’s vapor? Do you want to drive and play video games more safely? Then get this VapeNut by Avatar. The VapeNut has a unique ability to literally clear a room… of vapor. It does this by moving the vapor it senses in the air through its filter system. That’s right, if the Nut’s vapor senses start tingling it will automatically turn on its powerful fan and clear it right out. It will even let you know how much vapor it senses with a colorful LED indicator light and turn green when the coast is clear. Pro Tip: The non-washable filter lasts about 3 to 6 months. If you are chain vaping like a chimney, you might want to switch the VapeNut over to manual mode and let that fan work for its money. This thing works way better than the Peltzer Smokeless Ashtray I can tell you that. Whether you want to use this in your home, office or car, Avatar has you covered and includes an AC adapter and car adapter for your convenience.

VapeNut by Avatar Features:

  • Ultimate Vapor Eliminating Power
  • Great for the Car, Home or Office
  • Automatically Senses Vapor and Filters It Out
  • LED Indicator Shows Current Vapor Density
  • Manual Mode for Chain Vapers
  • Includes Wall and Car Adapter
  • Includes Spare Non-Washable Filter

VapeNut by Avatar Package Contents:

  • (1) VapeNut by Avatar
  • (2) Non-Washable Air Filters
  • (1) AC Wall Adapter
  • (1) Car Adapter
  • Manual
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