WARNING: This Product Contains Nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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  • uBOX 50W New Era Limited Edition
  • uBox 50w New Era Limited Edition

uBOX 50W New Era Limited Edition

  • uBOX 50W New Era Limited Edition
  • uBox 50w New Era Limited Edition
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  • 7W-50W power range to meet the market mainstream atomizer work.
  • Sub-ohm vaping of the variable wattage mod , fires as low as 0.2ohm
  • With spring loader,fit 1 18650 battery
  • 304 Stainless Steel + faux leather skin
  • High safety factor,Short circuit,low resistance,low voltage,high temperature protection.
  • Intelligent display screen, show battery capacity, wattage, voltage, resistance

How to use:

1. Power on/off : Continuously click both “+” and “-” buttons 5 times to Turn on/off.
Power on shows VAPMOD 50W.

2. Locked mode: Continuously press the power button 5 times to lock/unlock. When locked, it shows LOCK CLICK 5X. In locked mode, can not fire and adjust output wattage.

3. Power Adjustment: Adjust the current setting by press UBOX body both “+” and “-” buttons. press UBOX body “+” button, the watts will increase in 0.1w, press UBOX body “-” button, the watts will decrease in 0.1w.

4. Power locked mode: Press UBOX body both “+” and “-” buttons in 2 seconds, then it will enter into power locked mode. When power locked, it will shows POWERLOCK PRESS UPDOWN. In this mode, wattage can not be changed by accidental touch. exit power locked mode, press UBOX body both “+” and “-” buttons in
2 seconds.

5. OLED screen right mode and left mode: In locked mode, press UBOX body both power button and “+” button in 5 seconds, display’s orientation will change to right or left.
6. Automatic sleep mode: After 2 minutes 30 seconds of inactive, UBOX will automatically enter into sleep mode. In locked mode, it will automatically enter into sleep mode after 25 seconds of inactive.
7. Charging: Plug the USB cable to the UBOX body, and connect it to the wall adaptor or other power source, such as computer.


1. Check atomizer: Without atomizer, or atomizer short circuit, or atomizer’s resistance can not work with current wattage, OLED screen shows “CHECK ATOMIZER”.

2. Short circuit: Atomizer short circuit or power lines short circuit, it will enter into sleep mode.

3. Check battery: When battery voltage lower 3.1 volts, it means battery need to be charged.

4. Weak battery: When fire, battery voltage decreased dramatically, it means user need to change high-efficiency battery.

5. Too hot: when battery’s temperature too high, UBOX will automatically turn off output and OLED screen shows “TOO HOT”.




Package contents:


  • 1 UBOX 50W body
  • 1 USB cable
  • 1 User manual

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