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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Ultimate Vaping Glossary

26650 (Battery)

This is one of the largest batteries used in vape mods and devices. The number (“26650”) identifies the dimensions of the battery, the first portion (26mm) representing the diameter and the second portion (65mm) representing the length.

20700 (Battery)

This is a larger size battery commonly used in vape mods and devices. The number (“20700”) describes the dimensions of the battery, the first portion (20mm) representing the diameter and the second portion (70mm) representing the length.

510 Connection/ Thread

The “510” connection is referring to the battery -to-atomizer connection used in the majority of vaping devices. “510” in literal terms describes 10 threads at 0.5mm per thread. Now the term is used more loosely to describe drip tip connections even though there are no threads. “510 Drip Tip”

18350 (Battery)

The 18350 battery is not commonly used due to the low power output and capacity.  It was more common in 2013-2015 for smaller vaping devices. The number (“18350”) describes the dimensions of the battery, the first portion (18mm) representing the diameter and the second portion (35mm) representing the length.

18500 (Battery)

Similar to the 18350, the 18500 battery is not commonly used due to the low power output and capacity. The number (“18500”) describes the dimensions of the battery, the first portion (18mm) representing the diameter and the second portion (50mm) representing the length.

18650 (Battery)

The 18650 battery is the most widely used battery for vaping. The number (“18650”) describes the dimensions of the battery, the first portion (18mm) representing the diameter and the second portion (65mm) representing the length.

All Day Vape

This refers the the eliquid or vape setup a vaper uses that is awesome enough to vape on all day long without getting tired of it.


This refers to any tank, rda or pod device with a heating element to vaporizes eliquid. Sub ohm tanks, rebuildables and pods are all considered atomizers.


Vape slang for atomizer.

Automatic Draw

A vape device with automatic draw is activated with the action of sucking or “drawing” on the device instead of pushing a button. The sensation of a draw activated vape is the most similar to smoking and is available on the majority of pod devices today.

Automatic Shutoff

This is a safety feature that is available on pretty much all regulated vape devices on the market. Automatic shutoff will shut off the vape device after a preset time of inactivity.


Most relevant when discussing batteries and safe battery use for vaping. It is important to know the maximum amperage output rating on your batteries to vape safely.


“American Wire Gauge” is the U.S. Standard for wire sizes. The gauge of the wire will determine how much resistance it has; the thicker the gauge, the lower the resistance.


Vape term for traditional combustible cigarettes.


Advanced Personal Vaporizer is an older term and is rarely used today. APVs are more commonly referred to as regulated mods. These are vape devices controlled with a digital chipset with a variety of features to customize your vaping experience.


Air Flow Control is used to fine tune your vaping experience by opening up or closing off the airflow ports on your atomizer.

Box Mod

Box mods are vaping devices that were originally very box like in design. Newer vape mods are not necessarily an exact box shape but are still referred to as box mods.


This refers to the heating element in an atomizer. Coils were traditionally made by wrapping resistance wire multiple times to achieve the desired resistance. The end result of the wrapped wire is usually shaped like a coil. There are many coil variations today that all fall under “COILS” in the vape dictionary.

Coil Jig

A cylindrical metal tool used to wrap DIY coils. Available in different diameters rods to achieve different coil sizes and resistances.


Most battery chargers in the vape market are universal and can recharge 18350, 18650, 20700 and 21700 batteries.


A small vape device that looks similar to a cigarette (usually disposable).


A pod cartridge is comprised of a mouthpiece, eliquid reservoir and coil all housed in a single unit (cartridge). Cartridges will work with respective compatible devices.


Cancer-causing chemicals that you find in cigarettes.

Chucking Clouds

Blowing large amounts of vapor with your vape. Vapor looks thick and dense like a cloud in the sky.


What vapers describe a large amount of vapor produced while vaping.

Cutoff Time

Regulated devices have a preset cutoff time to regulate how long you can continuously fire your mod. This is a safety feature to prevent the coil from being damaged.

Deck (build deck)

The build deck is the area where you install coils on a rebuildable atomizer. This is where you will attach the negative and positive terminals to your coil.


The act of inhaling, sucking or “hitting” a vape.


Relevant when discussing RDAs (rebuildable dripping atomizers), where you need to manually drip eliquid onto your coils and cotton to replenish the eliquid after vaping.

Drip Tip

The mouthpiece on vaping devices.

Dry Fire

This is the act of heating up a coil without eliquid or cotton wick. This is normally done when cleaning a rebuildable coil.

Dual Coil

An atomizer with two coils inside to vaporize eliquid at once.


This is a general vape term for a vape device.


Also known as eliquid, ejuice is the final product that is vaporized and inhaled by consumers. Ejuice is made of a blend of propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, flavoring and nicotine. Ejuices are also available without nicotine.


(Electronic Nicotine Delivery System) An acronym created by the FDA to label vaping products.


This happens when too much eliquid flows into the atomizer chamber, causing a gurgling sound when you draw on it. This typically occurs on tanks if the refill port is left open or is not properly sealed after a refill.

Fused Clapton

A fancy prebuilt coil that received its nickname after Eric Clapton based on the fact that the coils look like guitar strings. Fused Clapton coils have at least two core wires wrapped with a much thinner gauge wire.


There are a million and one flavors to choose from when it comes to finding a delicious eliquid to vape! Our best selling flavor profiles are fruit and dessert flavors.

Genesis Atomizer

Popular in 2013, the Genesis style atomizer is a rebuildable dripping tank atomizer that utilizes a steel mesh rope as the wicking material.

Grub Screw

Contact screw for rebuildable atomizers that are driven with an internal wrenching system (hex socket/Allen).

Heat Sink

Accessories designed to dissipate heat from your atomizers. Mostly used on RDA caps to keep the drip tips cooler to the touch.

Hot Spot

This can happen when installing and using non spaced coils. This is caused by an unevenly heated coil and can result in burnt wicks and a horrible taste if you are vaping when this happens.

Hybrid (Battery) Connection

This describes a direct atomizer-to-battery connection used specifically on mechanical mods to reduce voltage drop. Requires advanced knowledge in battery safety. Recommended not use hybrid mods with sub ohm tanks.


Vape term for eliquid or ejuice.

Juice Well

Term for the small reservoir at the base of RDAs that holds excess eliquid to be fed to the wick.


Leaking is a common issue with vape devices and atomizers. It is usually due to tanks not being properly sealed or when going through air pressure changes.


Vape term for the aka ejuice.


Lithium Polymer rechargeable battery.


Stands for milliamp Hour, Commonly used measure of energy most referred to in vaping while discussing battery capacity (life).

Micro Coil

Small coil wrapped tightly together (touching) with an inner diameter smaller than 2mm.

(MTL) Mouth-to-Lung Hit

Sucking smoke/vapor into your mouth first before inhaling into your lungs.


Nicotine is a stimulant that is naturally produced in some plants. Measured by volume mg/mL in vape eliquids. Considered to be as harmless as caffeine.

Nicotine Level

Eliquids come in a variety of nicotine levels to choose from. You can purchase eliquids with or without nicotine. The lower nicotine level eliquids are generally used with sub-ohm devices and the higher nicotine level juices are normally used with pod/MTL devices.


Measurement of electrical resistance, relevant in vaping when discussing coil builds and determining battery safety. The lower the ohm (Ω) or resistance, the more power will be required to heat up the coil. Generally low resistance coils have more surface area and will produce greater cloud production.


Stands for Nicotine Replacement Therapy. Alternative methods to use nicotine to replace the smoking of combustible cigarettes.

Passthrough Charging

The ability to charge your device and vape at the same time using the direct power.


Relevant when discussing the configuration of dual battery vape mods. A “parallel” connection mod is a dual battery mod that maintains voltage of the two batteries and increases amp hours (capacity).

Priming (Coils)

This describes the act of saturating or “priming” new cotton and coils with a few drops of eliquid. This will ensure the cotton is wet and that you do not accidentally burn the cotton and destroy your coil prior to using it.

(PG) Propylene Glycol

PG is an organic compound with the chemical formula CH3CH(OH)CH2OH. It is a syrupy, colorless liquid with a slightly sweet taste. Propylene Glycol is one of the two main ingredients in eliquids. PG is also used in many other food and drug applications.


“Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer"


“Rebuildable Tank Atomizer”

Resistance Wire

Resistance Wire is used as a heating element in vaping devices. Kanthal, Nichrome, Titanium and Stainless Steel are the most widely used resistance wires for vaping.

Salt Nic Devices

These are also known as pod devices. Most pod devices are designed to be used with salt nic eliquids.

Silica Wick

This was the most common wicking material in 2013 because of its resistance to high heat and wicking ability. Today the most common wicking material is organic cotton


Relevant when discussing the configuration of dual battery vape mods. A “series” connection mod adds the voltage of the two batteries, but it maintains the amp hours.

Stacking Batteries

This refers to stacking batteries on top of each other in a tube style mechanical mod. This will connect the batteries in Series, adding up the Voltage and maintaining the Capacity(Ah).

Starter Kit

This is a package offering from vape manufacturers and retailers that will include all the hardware required to start vaping. Starter kits usually includes a device and an atomizer. In some cases you will need to purchase batteries separately. eLiquids are normally not included.


Steeping is the practice of aging eliquid to improve flavor. The most common way to steep your ejuice at home is to store it in a cool dark room for days or weeks at a time.

Sub Ohm

Vaping atomizers at a resistance below 1.0ohm.

Sweet Spot

The combination of the right power and airflow settings for an individual’s “perfect” vape experience. Everyone will have their own. Adjust the airflow control to your preferred draw and start at a low wattage. Slowly turn the power up and vape until you find the most satisfying setting for you.


A tank is an atomizer with an eliquid reservoir to continuously feed the coil as ejuice is vaporized. The tank sections are usually translucent and are made from glass or plastic with metal housing.


Vaping your device without a drip tip.

Throat Hit

A term used to describe the level of intensity at which draw of vaporized eLiquid is felt in the throat.


An offbeat term for inhaling vapor from a vaporizer. Made popular by GrimmGreen.

Tube Mod

Vaping devices in a tube form factor. Generally referring to mechanical mods but there are a few regulated tube mods in the vape market.

USB Charger

A method of power exchange via a Universal Serial Bus technology, commonly used in small, battery-powered devices.

Unprotected Battery

A battery used in vaping devices that has no built-in protection from excessive currents that can lead to overheating.


Using an electronic vaporizer.


A person who uses an electronic vaporizer.

Vaper's Tongue

A condition, caused by excessive use of vaporizers, which decreases ability to taste.


A wick in a vape coil works much the same way as a wick in an oil lantern. The wick absorbs the eLiquid which then feeds the coil as it heats to create vapor.


Wattage is a measure of electrical power output, and determines how fast and how hot your coils will heat up. This often affects the size of the vapor cloud able to be achieved by the atomizer coil.


A “wrap” is a single loop of wire when referring to a coil (heating element). Each wrap creates additional resistance in the coil. Most builds consist of 4-5 wraps.