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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Vapergate Pug Mod

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Vapergate Pug Mod

This is the mod for the vapers that crave convenience, ease of use and durability. The Vapergate Pug Mod checks all those boxes and comes in a super compact form. Feed the Pug an atomizer and get to vaping!


The Vapergate Pug Mod is short and compact, just like it’s furry equivalent, but without the respiratory issues. It won’t be able to play fetch or eat your couch but it has some pretty unique tricks of its own. The first trick is its long battery life. This is due to the 2800mAh Li-Po battery pack inside. The Pug Mod’s second trick is the charging system. The charging system is located on the side and includes all 3 major charging ports you would find in today’s technology world. There’s a Micro USB Port, a USB-C Port and a Lightning Port! Vapergate even includes a 3 headed hydra style charging cable with all three types attached. Don’t get any funny ideas, like plugging all 3 in and charging it though. Because the ports are wired separately, this could actually short the device out and make it dog food.

On the outside of the Pug Mod, you will find a giant Vapergate logo engraved into the sides and a spring loaded 510 connection with a gold plated pin at the top. The 510 connection area has enough space to accommodate 25mm atomizers and smaller. On the front of the Pug Mod, you can see a large firing button, a bright 0.96 inch OLED screen and two wattage adjustment buttons. Vapergate did not give the mod temperature control functions, making it even easier to work with. You also get a max of 80 watts to use for your atomizers.

Warning: Do Not Plug More Than One Charging Connector Into The Ports When Charging. Plugging In Multiple Connectors Can Cause A Short And Destroy The Chip.


  • Compact and Durable Zinc Alloy Frame
  • Powerful 2800mAh Internal Li-Po Battery
  • Side Lightning, USB-C and Micro USB Charging Ports
  • Bright 0.96 Inch OLED Screen
  • Generously Sized Firing Button
  • Fits Atomizers Up To 25mm
  • Large Engraved Vapergate Side Logos
  • Multiple Side Battery Venting Slots
  • Safe Vaping Protections
  • Dual Wattage Adjustment Buttons
  • Spring Loaded 510 Connection With Gold Plated Pin
  • Wattage Range: 5w to 80w
  • Material: Zinc Alloy
  • Dimensions: 69.8mm x 41.2mm x 25mm
  • Thread Type: 510 (Spring Loaded Gold Plated Pin)
  • Battery Type: Internal 2800mAh Battery

Package Contents:

  • (1) Vapergate Pug Mod
  • (1) Multi-Connection USB-C, Lightning and Micro USB Cable
  • Manual