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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
VAPEHAPPY Roundup: Top 3 RDAs

VAPEHAPPY Roundup: Top 3 RDAs

VAPEHAPPY Roundup The Top 3 RDAs DPRO RDA by COILART Riot RDA by Anarchist Dead Rabbit RDA by Hellvape

RDAs are often associated with advanced vapers, but with the recent advances in pre-made coils, more and more people are jumping in. When you build an RDA, a certain level of customization can be achieved that most tanks can’t offer. If you are looking for RDAs to add to your collection, check these ones out and see how they stack up against each other.



The DPRO RDA by COILART was built for one thing: pure insane flavor! The reduced chamber, low profile design, and unique airflow system all contribute to that flavor power. The airflow is a dual side single slot that is aimed right at the bottom of where you build your coils. The deck is a true dual coil postless deck that is set up so that your coils will be in the perfect place when you drop them in. The 810 donut style drip tip also provides an amazing flavor condensing experience for added flavor. You can also use this DPRO as a squonk RDA!

Dead Rabbit RDA by Hellvape Stainless Steel

Dead Rabbit RDA by Hellvape and Heathen

The Dead Rabbit RDA has a half-post design or rabbit ear deck, where you lead your coils downwards, working just like a postless deck. However, the fact that it is a little raised makes the coils nearer to your mouth-meaning you get uncontaminated flavor. Also, it makes the coils closer to the diagonal airflows, which ensures that maximum air hits the coils, thus the large clouds and the fresh flavor. The guess work will be completely taken out of the equation with this unique and easy to build deck. The fact that you can literally dump e-liquid into the drip tip on this thing has to be mentioned as a plus as well. This RDA has also been hailed as one of the best squonking RDAs due to its awesome wicking channels and huge e-liquid capacity.

Riot RDA by Anarchist Goodies

Riot RDA by Anarchist MFG

Anarchist MFG meticulously planned out every aspect of the Riot’s design, even down to the clamshell style case it comes in. Mainly, this Riot RDA was built for extreme clouds and huge coil builds. It comes with a removable 810 drip tip cap and a wide bore proprietary cap for major clouds. The gold plated 2 post build deck has some of the biggest post holes on the planet earth. And the included phillips head keychain screwdriver is used to tighten down the massive screws. The Riot also has a dual side 4 slot “Black Flag” style airflow that is perfect for flavor and mostly clouds. The flavor on this RDA really comes from the ceramic plate at the bottom of the deck. It makes it so you will not receive any metallic taste from your e-liquid.

Dead Rabbit RDA by Hellvape and Heathen Color Options

The Dead Rabbit RDA Is The Current Reigning Vape Champion

For now… As we all know, we live in a world where we can look forward to a new vape product everyday so, these may not be the best forever. And the Dead Rabbit takes the win in this VAPEHAPPY RDA Roundup dues to its beautiful and fun aesthetics, the easy to use build deck and the convenience of the dripping and squonking action. But don’t take my word for it, buy all three and try them for yourself.

The Dead Rabbit RDA by Hellvape and Heathen ← Click the link to vape it!

The DPRO RDA by COILART ← Click the link to vape it!

The Riot RDA by Anarchist MFG ← Click the link to vape it!

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