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This Has Nothing to Do with Gasoline: The Arco SubOhm Tank by Horizon Tech

Posted on 20 July 2017

This Has Nothing to Do with Gasoline: The Arco SubOhm Tank by Horizon Tech

Arco SubOhm Tank by Horizon Tech Color Options

Getting a quality tank is a crucial step towards achieving an awesome vape session. However, it is not always easy to tell which tank will perform at first glance. Therefore, you must be keen on checking the features and whether they suit your needs. The Arco SubOhm Tank, by Horizon Tech, is one of those tanks that is sure to please. It is one of the coolest little tanks stocked at VAPEHAPPY and you can have yours for only $31.99. Sounds a bit too good to be true, right? Well, these features should make you a believer... Not a Belieber.


Arco SubOhm Tank by Horizon Tech Blue with Vaporesso Revenger

Curb Appeal

The Arco SubOhm Tank by Horizon Tech is one of the most striking little tanks you will ever see. The beautiful metallic color fume tube comes with four color choices including blue, stainless steel, black and rainbow. If you’re the type of vaper who enjoys showing off your vape tanks, then this one definitely has the curb appeal you are looking to find.


Arco SubOhm Tank by Horizon Tech Blue Airflow and Flax Paper Coil

Wicking System 

Efficiency is the word to describe the Arco SubOhm Tank's wicking system. It utilizes a hybrid cotton and flax fiber wicking system. The result, is a pronounced flavor with fewer instances of dry hits. As vapers, anytime we can avoid dry hits, is never a bad thing. This is due to the nature of the flax paper, which is in direct contact with the coils. Sure, the flax fiber is hard to break into, but once it is done, you get to enjoy the fruits of your vapor. The flax fiber, in comparison with cotton, has a higher burning point. Therefore, with this tank, you will receive less dry hits than compared to cotton wicking. Additionally, flax paper can hold more e-liquid than cotton and the fact that it is in contact with the coils, works to ensure that you get the best flavor to keep you happy.


The Convenient Arco SubOhm Tank by Horizon Tech


With such a large capacity (accommodating up to 5ml’s of e-juice), you do not have to keep refilling after every few minutes. Also, the unique twist refilling mechanism helps to ensure that you don't make a mess when refilling the tank. And finally, the comfortable delrin drip tip minimizes the amount of heat that goes to your lips.

Arco SubOhm Tank by Horizon Tech Blue Delrin Drip Tip Sleeve and Convenient Twist Fill Method

Just Buy It

If you are searching for a SubOhm tank, below $50, that can produce monstrous clouds and at the same time maintain the purity of your flavor, consider grabbing the Arco SubOhm Tank by Horizon here. What more could you ask for in such an attention grabbing tank? Maybe a hot dog?


If you are still not convinced, perhaps try looking at this YouTube review...


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