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The Theory: Therion DNA75C Box Mod by Lost Vape

Posted on 25 July 2017

The Theory: Therion DNA75C Box Mod by Lost Vape

Therion DNA75C Box Mod by Lost Vape Main

Lost Vape has won our hearts once again with a new cutting-edge work of art, the Therion DNA75C Box Mod. Is this mod worth you coughing up 150 bucks for? Let’s find out…


Therion DNA75C Box Mod by Lost Vape Flowers

Eyes Feasting, Mouth Drooling

First, feast your eyes at the stunning aesthetics of the Therion DNA75C Box Mod. On opening the box, you will be amazed at just how beautiful the DNA75C really is. Forget about all you have seen or even what you know, it probably doesn't prepare you enough for what you will see before you. Constructed from die cast zinc alloy, a durable and lightweight blend, the Therion DNA75C has an eye-catching and compact design. The soft leather and wood accents just add to its beauty. But, it is more than the beauty appeal that makes us happy about this beast of a mod. The durability is what makes it all worthwhile as we just mentioned here. Also, you will notice that it is quite compact, measuring only 54mm’s by 27mm’s by 90.5mm’s. This Therion not only fits comfortably in your vape hand, but is easy to carry around when you go on your next cloud chasing journey.

Therion DNA75C Box Mod by Lost Vape EVOLV DNA75C Chip

The Chip That Does It All

The Therion DNA75C Box Mod has one of the most advanced chipsets we have ever seen. It is built around an EVOLV DNA75C chipset. The advantage of this is that the chipset allows vapers to have a higher customization power, with the added bonus of a color display screen. The beauty of this screen is the theme settings. If you don't like the theme that your mod came in, there are hundreds of downloadable themes posted by the EVOLV community. This has certainly earned some vape street cred amongst the vaping community.

Therion DNA75C Box Mod by Lost Vape 3 Buttons

3 Buttons?

To regulate the wattages and temperature, the Therion DNA75C comes with three buttons. The top and bottom buttons are to be used as an up and down button, while the middle button aka the select button, makes it easier and faster to adjust temperature settings. On performance, the DNA75C Box Mod blows other compact mods out of the water.

Therion DNA75C Box Mod by Lost Vape Rattlesnake

Why Don’t You have One Yet?

If you have gotten this far and are excited about a mod that has impressive TCR capabilities, cool aesthetics, and can be taken with you everywhere you go, then the Therion DNA75C Box Mod is a must have to add to your vaping collection. Get it today at VAPEHAPPY and experience the hype from this mod today.

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