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The Azeroth RTA by COILART

Posted on 23 May 2017

The Azeroth RTA by COILART

The Azeroth RTA by COILART Stainless Steel and Black Color Options

This flavor junkie RTA has been masterfully designed, rigorously tested and is now ready for your fingers to fiddle with! This thing really is a revolution though. If you care to find out why, just scroll down a bit and read my words.


The Azeroth RTA by COILART Flava Flav

Not Just a Realm in World of Warcraft

Before it’s release, the Azeroth RTA had some pretty stiff competition from it’s COILART family members. We had the OG Azeroth RDTA with it’s unique clamp style build deck and the very popular Mage RTA with it’s amazing wicking capability and crazy flavor. The Azeroth RDTA was a great atomizer with tons of e-liquid capacity but it lacked flavor power. The Mage RTA came along and surprised everyone with flavor but lacked e-liquid storage. COILART somehow took the best of those atomizers and added some stuff and now we have the Azeroth RTA! I like to call it the “Asher Roth RTA” when nobody's looking.

I Like Big Decks and I Cannot Lie

So what’s so different about it and why is it so innovative? I guess I kind of gave it away huh? The triad style postless deck is insane in the membrane and I wish there was a way to stare longingly at the deck while vaping it. The flavor that comes off the three coils is absolutely mind blowing. I guess I’m rambling now. Anyways, building on this deck can be a bit tricky at first but once you get the right height of your coils you’re set. Wicking can be a bit of a challenge if you use anything higher than a 2.5mm diameter coil. If you use a 3.0mm or a 2.5mm make sure to comb/thin the cotton out a little bit before tucking it in to prevent dry hits.

You Get Some Other Stuff and Things with It Too

If you just can’t get down with that triple postless deck, you can always just throw the velocity in there. But, you’re not going to get anywhere near the flavor of the triple deck. You get to put a ton of e-liquid in this thing for it’s size, I mean, 4.5ml of e-liquid will go a long way. It’s way better than the 3.5ml of the Mage RTA. The adjustable triad airflow is a pretty cool touch too.

Azeroth RTA by COILART SS Color Option Triad Style Postless Deck

All in all this Azeroth is simply a work of art. You should get one. Conveniently enough, we have some. Please feel free to stare at that deck longingly some more. 

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