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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
Pod Style Vape Devices and High Nicotine E-Liquids at VAPEHAPPY

Pod Style Vape Devices and High Nicotine E-Liquids at VAPEHAPPY

Don't Support Big Tobacco Cigalikes

What is a Pod Style Vape? Just imagine a cigalike sized device that actually looks cool, has good battery life, and comes with cartridges of juice that actually taste good. Sound Awesome? It is. The size and design of these enclosed systems provide us with a no mess alternative that eliminates the need to replace coils, refill tanks, or even press a button.

ATOPACK Penguin Starter Kit by Joyetech

The ATOPACK Penguin by Joyetech

Just like cigalikes they activate on inhale and offer a more relaxed mouth to lung hit, but the high nicotine e-juices they run are very potent in the smoothest kind of way. For instance, Joyetech's ATOPACK Penguin has refillable cartridges to satisfy the diehard types, but many of the starter kits come ready to go with cartridges pre-filled with nic salt e-liquid. By incorporating this new form of processed nicotine with flavors that we want to taste, these devices are able to deliver super high levels of nicotine without coating the back of our throats with pepper spray.

Phix Starter Kit by MLV

The Phix by MLV

One of the main issues we have had through the years with these cigalike devices is their tiny batteries. They don't deliver enough vapor or nicotine to satisfy, and they only last for a couple of hours under normal use. Some of them don’t even have the ability to recharge the batteries. To solve this, Pod systems are slightly bigger and contain a larger battery. Machines like the new Phix by MLV hover around the 280mAh range so they can afford a lifespan that’s usable without compromising portability. The slick black design of the futuristically hexahedron piece endows sophistication in contrast to the cheapness associated with most cigalikes. Where these systems really stand out is in their use of atomizers contained within the replaceable cartridges themselves. The juices used in these cartridges incorporate a new nicotine delivery system that allows for higher concentrations without any excess throat hit. Nicotine salt is a more biocompatible alternative to the standard plant based nicotine, so the vapor delivery stays smooth and cool even at 50 milligrams. At this level, the vaper would only experience a throat hit comparable to that of a 15mg juice done the conventional way.

 Fitt Starter Kit by Envii

The Fitt by Envii

Cartomizers haven't changed much and still hold their place in the market, but their limited juice capacity and power capabilities relegate their sales mainly to beginners who don't care. The wicking material burns too easily, and once they become even the slightest bit singed they are toast. But with devices like Envii's Fitt, you get a fresh atomizer every time you replace or switch flavors with a new cartridge. The Fitt comes in flavors like cream, fruit, and menthol, and as these devices increase in popularity the demand for refillable options and juices has made for a pretty decent flavor selection. This is where the Fitt really sets itself apart. Instead of using proprietary e-liquid blends, Envii decided to enlist household name e-liquid companies to fill its replaceable cartridges. This will give you access to e-liquids you already know and love. If you would rather use your own e-liquid, Envii has just released empty Refillable Pods for your vaping pleasure.

MyJet Starter Kit by WISMEC and MyVapors

The MyJet by WISMEC

One of the refillable variants, the MyJet from WISMEC, provides spare cartridges for those of us who still want to keep the spirit of conservation alive, and it has the same stealthy angular black look as the Phix we mentioned earlier. For devices like this, here at VAPEHAPPY, we separately offer an array of delicious high nicotine e-liquids from Solace Vapor Salts in strawberry, naked peach rings, butterscotch, and vanilla bean, so that you don't have to compromise flavor if you decide to switch things up.


Build and Wick Problems

Vape Convenience is Bliss

The ability to switch flavors on the fly and gain instant gratification with a puff makes using these things simple and intuitive. Many of us graduated to bigger devices like box mods in the pursuit of a more satisfying experience. It didn't matter that we had to cycle and maintain four different 18650 batteries to have enough power to make it through the day. It didn't matter that we had to rebuild or replace our coils and wicks on a regular basis. We didn't mind having to clean our tanks or replace the o-rings because that's what made vaping the hobby we enjoy so much. But sometimes we miss being able to effortlessly enjoy a vape session, and with intuitive devices like these, we have a chance to recapture that experience without sacrifice.

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