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No Flatlining Here: The Pulse 22 Bottom Feeder RDA by Vandy Vape

Posted on 20 July 2017

No Flatlining Here: The Pulse 22 Bottom Feeder RDA by Vandy Vape

Pulse 22 Bottom Feeder RDA by Vandy Vape Main

For any squonker out there or any vaper in general that is looking for a rebuildable atomizer that will save on battery life, which is probably 99% of you out there, then the Pulse 22 Bottom Feeder RDA is worth the purchase. It is a charming piece of vape art from Vandy Vape, a reputable manufacturer for top of the line atomizers. To design these units, Vandy Vape collaborated with Tony B, the owner and face of the Vapor Trail Channel.


Pulse 22 Bottom Feeder RDA by Vandy Vape Breakdown Single Coil 24k Gold Plated Deck Stainless Steel Barrel Ultem Drip Tip

What’s Cookin’ Good Lookin’

Just the look alone will send shivers along your entire spine. The Pulse 22 is a skillfully crafted 3 piece stainless steel atomizer. It has a 24k gold plated deck that is not only easy on the eyes, but also has very good conductivity. The RDA also comes in many colors including: stainless steel, black, blue, red, rainbow and gold. And you cannot forget the lovely ultem drip tip.


Pulse 22 Bottom Feeder RDA by Vandy Vape Thinking Deep

The Colossus of Cloud

To produce those huge puffy clouds of vapor, airflow is the next feature that makes this RDA the best accessory for any squonk vaper. The Pulse 22 Bottom Feeder RDA utilizes an adjustable dual diagonal airflow system. When you go to place the top cap on after installing your coil, there are two notches that will help ensure the airflow falls directly in line with the side of the coils. To regulate the airflow, you can simply twist the top cap and allow in as much or as little air as you need. Consequently, such a great amount of customization allows you the freedom of choice between direct lung or mouth to lung hits. Don’t forget to build high so you can maximize the airflow and flavor output. An added bonus of the high coil height is the reduction of leaking when you squeeze too much juice into the RDA.

Pulse 22 Bottom Feeder RDA (Color Version) by Vandy Vape Color Options Blue with Arkon Mod

The Most Important Part

This Pulse 22 was one of the few atomizers that was designed specifically for squonking. And if it was not for that we would not be here discussing this atomizer today. The postless build deck has two wells on opposite sides so when you squeeze your bottle the liquid will be trapped, instead of going back into the squonking bottle. Furthermore, there is also a cap on the top of the squonking feed tube that sends e-liquid directly to each side of the wells evenly. There is some serious vape engineering at work here!

Pulse 22 Bottom Feeder RDA (Color Version) by Vandy Vape Color Options

So Don’t Delay, Act Now, Supplies are Running Out

Whether you are seeking to up your squonk game by increasing vapor and flavor output or just want a durable RDA that will go easy on your batteries, consider getting a Pulse 22 Bottom Feeder RDA here. Or, maybe the color version would suit you better?

Videographical evidence that this RDA is awesome...






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