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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
New Hour New E-Liquid: The Fusion 2-In-1 Kit by EPHRO

New Hour New E-Liquid: The Fusion 2-In-1 Kit by EPHRO

Fusion 2-In-1 150w TC Starter Kit by EHPRO Main

The EHPRO Vape Kit

EHPRO is not a company you would normally associate with crazy innovation, until now. The release of this Fusion 2-In-1 Kit has left a few people scratching their heads and everyone else wondering if this is just another vape gimmick. Is it really worth the $69.99 price tag? Well, you will really have to answer that yourself, but if you trust me, give me your hand and let me take you on a magic vape carpet ride. To a whole new world!

Lemon Tart by Dinner Lady Plus Cinnaroll by Cream Team Equals I Don't Know


What Does The EHPRO Vape Kit Actually Do?

It gives you e-liquid convenience and a way to try your e-liquids in a brand new way. The 4ml Fusion RDTA is split into two 2ml sections. When you fill one side with a fruit e-liquid, maybe you will fill the other side with a dessert e-liquid and finally find out what they taste like together. When two become one. It’s different than just mixing two juices together, it’s almost as if it get’s rid of weird tastes you can get when physically mixing the juices. Whether you make your own e-liquid or vape store bought stuff, you now have the ability to create all new complex flavors that will intrigue and titillate your flavor muscle. If one of your mixed flavors are overpowering the other, just drop the wattage until it blends together. You will be like a movie chef. Unfortunately you won’t be a Jon Favreau level chef, but why would you want to be stuck making Cuban sandwiches in a hot food truck anyways? You can also use this kit to satisfy your ever changing flavor palette. Maybe you have a flavor that’s great but not quite an all day vape, you can just vape 2ml’s of that and switch over to your all day vape without ever having to change atomizers or cotton.

Fusion RDTA by EPHRO and Fusion Mod by EHPRO

How Does The EHPRO Vape Kit Do It?

I would normally say all the magic happens in the RDTA but it really is a coordinated effort between the Fusion RDTA and the Fusion Mod. The Fusion Mod holds 2 different chips inside its zinc alloy body. These chips power two separate screens and separate temperature control setting capabilities. These chips make it possible to send power to either side of the Fusion RDTA or both at the same time. The Fusion RDTA is built with an independent 2 post style deck that gives it the power to switch between sides of the tank. The 4 post block has some hieroglyphic like inscriptions on it that tells you which lead holes to use when building so the mod can send the right message to either coil. But how does the tank know which coil should be firing? The dual 510 pin in the bottom. Vape science, not weird science!

Vape Collection

Why Do You Want The EHPRO Vape Kit?

Because you are a true collector of rare and unique vape oddities. Because it’s awesome. Because it’s reasonably priced. Because you just got a raise at work and that can only mean that your vape budget has increased. Because you want to be a chef like Jon Favreau. That’s all the “because” I got for you.

You can buy this vape wizardry here!

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