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Minding Your mAhs: Educational Battery Series for Vaping by Battery Mooch!

Posted on 18 January 2018

Minding Your mAhs: Educational Battery Series for Vaping by Battery Mooch!

    Minding Your mAhs: Episode One by Mooch


    • What’s a Mooch?
    • Inconvenient Truths
    • Understanding Battery Ratings
    • Commentary/Rant

    If You Vape, You NEED to Watch Battery Mooch

    Unless you've had your head buried in the sand, you've probably seen some scary looking pictures and videos on the news with batteries venting or actually blowing up. Yes, these things can happen but most (if not all) of the time it is due to user error. This is why it's really important to have the proper knowledge of any vape device, or battery, you use. 

    (Battery) "Safety is My Number One Priority." - Mooch

    Thank God for Battery Mooch! John Muchow, better known as Mooch or Mooch315 on ECF and Facebook, is the vaping community's most trusted battery expert. For many years now, Mooch has been spending his own time and resources to extensively test batteries used for vaping to share with all of us. He doesn't do this for the money. He does this purely for his passion for vaping and the safety of all vapers. 

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    Now we have been blessed with an educational video series titled "Minding Your mAhs" on YouTube! We here at VapeHappy absolutely love spreading vape safety awareness to the community, so, as each "Minding Your mAhs" episode comes available, we will share it with you in a new blog post. We encourage you to subscribe to Mooch's YouTube channel and share these videos to further the spread of knowledge. 

    Thank you again Mr. Muchow for all that you do for the vaping community and keeping us safe!

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