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VIDEO: How to Use the Flask Liquid Dispenser by GEEKVAPE

Posted on 07 February 2018

VIDEO: How to Use the Flask Liquid Dispenser by GEEKVAPE

Flask Liquid Dispenser Instructional Video:


Is the Flask Liquid Dispenser Made for Squonking?

The Flask Liquid Dispenser by GEEKVAPE is a high quality squonk accessory designed to help you easily refill your internal squonk bottles without having to remove the bottle (and tube) from your mod.

Why would I even need a Squonk Refill Bottle?

It's true! You don't NEED a squonk refill bottle. But it will certainly save you some time and even some money by making your equipment last longer. Simply eliminating the mess of refilling squonk bottles is a win in itself but the real value comes in "saving" the tube that connects your squonk bottle to the bottom of your 510 connection. 

Removing the tube from beneath your 510 connection to refill your squonk bottle repeatedly over time will eventually stretch out the tube, compromising the airtight seal. If this happens, you will have a leaky and potentially dangerous mess.  Did your squonk mod come with extra bottles and tubes? If not, you probably could benefit from something like the Flask Liquid Dispenser.

Is it just for Squonking?

No. The awesome thing about this Flask Liquid Dispenser is its unique double action top cap. At the very top of the Flask is a small threaded cap that has a regular old needle tip underneath it. That turns the Flask into a truly reusable 30ml bottle for refilling tanks or dripping with an RDA!

Flask Liquid Dispenser Tips:

1. Make sure to clean the silicone bottle when you first get your Flask. Out of the box it is very clean but it is always best to clean new products yourself.

2. To avoid leaking, tighten the very bottom cap (the one that you use to refill the bottle) until it is really snug.

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