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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
How To Set Up the Mi-Pod Starter Kit!

How To Set Up the Mi-Pod Starter Kit!

Mi-Pod Starter Kit Instructional Video:


If you are reading this, there is a good chance you might have just bought or are thinking of buying the Mi-Pod Starter Kit by Smoking Vapor. Did I guess right? Well good news, the Mi-Pod Kit might just be the easiest starter kit to get you started on your vape journey! And, if you bought one, congratulations on a solid purchase!

How Do I Use My Mi-Pod?

It is super easy to set up your Mi-Pod for the first time. Or any time for that matter! The first thing you will need to do open up one of the two included refillable Mi-Pods and fill it up with your favorite eliquid via a small fill port located at the bottom of the pod. Once your Mi-Pod is filled up and you've closed off the fill port, you are ready to attach that pod to your battery. Make sure to let it sit for a minute or two and let those juices flow into the core of the cotton. After all that, you just have to take a puff, because the Mi-Pod has a draw activated firing system for added convenience.

What Level Nicotine Eliquid Should I Use with My Mi-Pod?

Probably the most critical factor that will determine how much you will enjoy vaping the Mi-Pod is selecting the right eliquid and the right nicotine level to suit your palate. Most, if not all pod style devices are normally used with a 12mg-50mg nicotine eliquid (for those making the transition from the stinkies). We have a bunch of new High Nicotine E-Liquids that work really well with the Mi-Pod. These eliquids are made with nicotine salts and allow you to have a higher nicotine level with very little throat harshness.

Tips for a Smooth Experience Using Your Mi-Pod

1. Make sure to let your pod sit for a few minutes after your first fill to make sure the cotton wick is saturated. If you try to hit it before the eliquid has a chance to soak up, you will burn the cotton and ruin that coil. 

2. Don't leave unit in a hot car. Pressure can build within the pod and leak. (this goes for any other vape)

3. Unplug immediately after the unit is charged (not required but always a good idea). Safety first!

4. Pay attention to how long it takes for you to vape through one pod so you always have a good idea of when you will need a refill. Or, just keep a really close eye on the little eliquid level window on the Mi-Pod.

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