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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
HexOhm V3 by Craving Vapor: A Mod That Satisfies Your Craving

HexOhm V3 by Craving Vapor: A Mod That Satisfies Your Craving

Craving Vapor HexOhm V3 Main Picture With OG Colors

If you are not part of the HexohmNation yet and are looking for an even better and more authentic mod to add to your collection, then the Hexohm V3 is what you are looking for. It is one of the simplest mod dual 18650 mods out there, but highly functional at the same time. This box mod is a lot like its sister Hexohm V2, but a cleaner version of it.


Craving Vapor HexOhm V3 Purple Anodized and Recoil RDA

Flawless Design

The Hexohm V3 is a very stylish box. It has a magnificent and durable anodized or powder coated aluminum body, depending on which version you choose. Also, the logos are perfectly placed on the front of the mod. As for the feel, the V3 mod feels perfect in the hands. Sure, it is a little bit heavier than previous versions and a little bit taller, but the mod still sits perfectly in the hand. Its sides are curved just enough to feel comfy even in hour long vape sessions.

Craving Vapor HexOhm V3 Cheat Sheet for Potentiometer Use

Potentiometer Controlled Vape

While this HexOhm V3 is somewhat regulated, you should still exercise caution when using it. The potentiometer will help you dial in and get the perfect amount of vapor out of your atomizer. There are some cheat sheets floating around on the interwebs that will help you determine the best voltage, depending on your resistance. Vape safe! Oh hey, there is a cheat sheet right there for your browsing pleasure.

Craving Vapor HexOhm V3 Red Battery Bay Brass Contact Pins and Ultem Battery Sled

Safety Features

With the Hexohm V3, safety is top of mind. It has some serious features that protect you and the mod. The V3 has a master on and off switch for the purposes of safety and convenience. Additionally, the mod is built in such a way that it can withstand very high temperatures. This is because, the battery bay is made from a molded ultem material. The proprietary chip, hidden underneath the ultem, has low-voltage protection and reverse polarity protection. Also, the magnetic door is pretty sturdy, with everything solidly drilled. Therefore, the battery doesn't move regardless of what is going on outside of the mod.

Craving Vapor HexOhm V3 Clouds for Days

Vape and Cloud Performance

The Hexohm V3 is on top of the list when it comes to performance. Besides, you can vape at as low as 0.1Ohms, 0.2ohms to be safest and produce monstrous clouds. If you have a 0.2ohm build and turn the potentiometer to 100, you will be pushing 180 watts of pure power. And without a screen, it will give every ounce of energy to vaping and nothing else.

We have many different finishes here at VAPEHAPPY including: The Original HexOhm V3, The Original HexOhm V3 Anodized, The HexOhm V3 Anarchist Edition Powder Coated and Anodized and The HexOhm V3 Angels Edition. If you’re lucky, there might even be a Sriracha V3 still up for grabs. Just follow the links to whichever one tickles your vape fancy.

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