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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
MAGE RTA vs. Moonshot RTA

MAGE RTA vs. Moonshot RTA

Are you trying to decide between the new MAGE RTA and the Moonshot RTA for your next rebuildable tank atomizer? In this article we quickly discuss the differences in size, deck design, airflow, wicking ports and vape experience to help you on your next purchasing decision!



MAGE RTA vs. Moonshot RTA

As you may know, there is a new "shorty" RTA in town! We are super excited to tell you about the new MAGE RTA by CoilArt (pronounced mah-geh)! We were blessed with a visit from the CoilArt team to our warehouse last week and they were anxious to show us their new product! At first glance it looked very similar to the Moonshot RTA by SIGELEI.  That being said, it is a beautiful and compact rebuildable tank atomizer but I was skeptical because I was not a fan of the Moonshot's deck configuration and limited juice capacity. It was not until I tested the MAGE that I realized I was in love!  The MAGE RTA is certainly a force to be reckoned with and needless to say we placed an order immediately to bring them to VAPEHAPPY! 


Deck Design and Airflow


The first and most obvious difference is the size. The MAGE RTA is 24mm in diameter vs the 22mm diameter Moonshot RTA. This may be a dealbreaker to some vapers but with most of the devices on the market today, the extra 2mm in diameter hardly make a difference unless you are still using 22mm tube mods in which case you will have a slight overhang. The next big step up (and in my opinion the most critical difference) is the velocity style build deck in the MAGE RTA. The photo above shows the MAGE RTA's quad terminal velocity style deck which makes building dual coils much easier to do. You will also notice that the airflow chamber sits much lower than the ones on the Moonshot so you won't need to spend extra time adjusting your leads to install your builds. 

The four post holes on the MAGE RTA are 2mm in diameter and utilize (2) 4mm airflow chambers located on opposite sides of the deck. This is slightly smaller than that of the Moonshot which have 2.5mm post holes (but only two terminals) and 5mm airflow chambers. The difference in airflow is noticeable but certainly not a deal breaker (for me) as it still provides ample airflow to the coils with the third airflow slot provided on the MAGE.


Wicking Ports


Another thing you will notice are the slightly smaller wicking ports on the MAGE RTA. At first I thought this might be a limiting factor but after putting it to the test I have yet to experience a dry hit. the 2.5mm wicking ports on the MAGE RTA did not make any difference when comparing it the the 3mm wicking ports of the Moonshot RTA. The most important thing to pay attention to is how much wick you use and to also make sure the cotton is pressed up again each fill port to make sure there is no leaking. 


Juice Capacity

From drip tip to contact pin, the MAGE RTA measures at 44mm in height which is only 2mm taller than the Moonshot and the MAGE RTA is able to almost double the juice capacity at 3.5mls! Another one-up that the MAGE RTA has over the Moonshot RTA is the large delrin drip tip which also functions as the top cap. This makes filling the tank an easy task and your lips will never make contact with the metal which can get pretty hot after chain vaping.

MAGE RTA is better than Moonshot rta

Side-by-Side Specs

Terminal Velocity Style Standard Two Post
Post Holes 2mm (four total) 2.5mm (two total)
Diameter 24mm 22mm
Height 44mm 42mm
Juice Capacity 3.5ml 2ml
Airflow Chamber 4mm 5mm
Wicking Ports 4 x 2.5mm 4 x 3mm
Airflow Slots (3) 1mm x 9mm (2) 1.2mm x 13mm
Juice Fill Top Fill Top FIll


Vape Experience and Final Thoughts

After vaping 20 tanks through the MAGE RTA I can confidently say that this is my new favorite RTA to date! The 24mm size fits on practically all of my variable wattage devices and the flavor is off the charts! If you enjoy the Moonshot you will definitely love the MAGE RTA! The vape quality between the two are very similar but I personally prefer the MAGE RTA over the Moonshot simply because of the deck design and larger juice capacity. 

Purchase the MAGE RTA here:

UPDATE: Since writing this post we have seen the new Moonshot 24mm RTA. The new 24mm Moonshot features a a 3ml tank capacity and slightly larger dual airflow slots but deck the design remains the same. 


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