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Custom Built Coils from Famous Instagram Builders

Posted on 06 July 2016

Custom Built Coils from Famous Instagram Builders

JonesNBuilds Alien Coils

All of you have seen the beautiful coil builds on Instagram and Facebook from famous builders like Twisted Messes, Squidoo and JonesnBuilds (as well as many others not listed here). These coils are not only beautiful but they are glorious to vape on. This is because they have lots of surface area and crevices for juice to hold which translates into better flavor and vapor production. 

Are Custom Built Coils for You?

Many of you reading this may have the skills to learn how they are made and have the time to experiment with the building process. If that is the case, purchasing prebuilt coils like this may not be for you. For those of you who don't have the time or are physically incapable of building these beautiful coils, then you are in luck! Some of these famous builders have released their own branded lines of hand made coil builds made by the builders themselves! 

Where Can I Buy These Prebuilt Coils?

JonesnBuilds has recently released his line of custom coil builds which include Fused Claptons, Framed Staples and even Alien Coils! (Alien Coils in image featured below)

JonesNBuilds Alien Coils

Let me reiterate, if you have the time and the capability to build them yourself these are most likely not something you would buy because you probably enjoy spending the time to do them yourself! But for many of us who are simply too busy, there is now a way for us to enjoy them! These prebuilt coils range from $10 a pair up to $30 a pair for the more complex builds. These prices vary depending on the builder. Squidoo (having a bigger name) charges a bit more than JonesnBuilds but that is to be expected. These coils are 100% handmade by the builders themselves and besides being nice coils to vape on, they are really pieces of art. 

You can buy your prebuilt JonesnBuilds coils today at VapeHappy.com.

What are my Custom Coil Options?

Fused Claptons: The Fused Clapton Coils are made of two pieces of 26g nichrome80 wrapped in 36g nichrome80! The builds are 6 wraps with a 3mm internal diameter. The dual coil resistance of these Fused Claptons will come out to 0.16Ω. 


Framed Staples:

The Framed Staple Coils are made of 5 pieces of .4mm x .1mm kanthal A1 ribbon in the center, with a piece of 28g nichrome80 on each side, all wrapped up in 38g nichrome80. The builds are 5 wraps with a 3mm internal diameter. The dual coil resistance of the framed staples will come out to 0.10Ω.


Aliens: The Alien Coils are made of three 28g nichrome80 cores wrapped in 36g nichrome80! The builds are 5 wraps with a 3mm Internal diameter. The dual coils resistance of of the Alien coils will come out to 0.16Ω.


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